Another Croydon Tower Due To Start

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Another Croydon Tower Due To Start

Post by Mr007 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:20 am

Another Croydon Tower Due To Start

Published on 03-10-2007 by
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Another new residential tower is set to start construction in the south London Borough of Croydon this month.

The North Croydon Tower situated on an island site overlooking St James Road features 184 apartments including 52 affordable apartments over 20 floors that rises to approximately 60 metres in height.

Designed in an elliptical shape, the tower will have glass glazing with coloured panelling and a clear demarcation down the centre that splits it visually into two. This indentation running the full height of the building at both ends also acts to provide space for balconies.whilst helping to conceal them.

A double height glass ground floor stands below the main block looking on to what will be a new landscaped area. Every resident will also have their own piece of outdoors space, either in the form of a balcony or a terrace depending on the apartment they get.

The scheme penned by Darling Associates Architecture and marks the latest tower project to get underway in Croydon. Having had London's third skyline for many years, developments had nevertheless stagnated between about 1984 with little new building.

Now spurred on in part by the extension of the East London tube line to Croydon in 2010, the borough already has two tall buildings under construction with more likely to get going sooner than later. North Croydon Tower will be completed in October 2009.

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