Conrans Manchester Architectural Potpourri

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Conrans Manchester Architectural Potpourri

Post by Mr007 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:23 am

Conrans Manchester Architectural Potpourri

Published on 02-10-2007 by
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The Light House is certainly one of the more interesting buildings to rise in Manchester lately even if you don't like the design.

This £32 million project is located in central Manchester near the Piccadilly railway station on the site of the former Pall Mall House. It has been developed by Stonehurst Estates with Conran and Partners as the architects doing something a bit different from their usual solid but warm designs.

What is in reality a refurbishment is so well polished it appears to be harking back to the 80s. A mishmash of post modern styling and a whole range of different colours thrown in the mix to create something rarely built these days.

On one side there's the industrial red brick warehouse styled section with its big tall glass windows whilst just round the corner there's a creamy stone segment with pillars at street level that are partly refurbished buildings from the early 20th century with of course, additional floors plonked on top and combined into one.

The main portion of the building is a new thin slab tower rising 20 floors to a height of 67 metres wedged in the gap between the existing renovated buildings that hosts the bulk of the 169 apartments the scheme contains with upper floors getting a clear view of Piccadilly Gardens.

Clad in plainer glass and steel it will reportedly create a lighthouse effect at night as the lighting scheme bounces off the reflective nature of the steel illuminating the tower. Combined with the commanding position it occupies on some of the highest ground in Manchester's city centre and you have the explanation behind the name - that it can literally be a Light House.

Work has been underway on the scheme by Stonehurst's own building contractor, Stoneacre Construction for some time with completion of the final part of the three phase scheme scheduled for the end of 2008.

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