Squire Design New Unison Headquarters

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Squire Design New Unison Headquarters

Post by Mr007 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:35 am

Squire Design New Unison Headquarters

Published on 05-10-2007 by Skyscrapernews.com
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Squire and Partners has applied for planning permission for a new ten storey building for the union Unison on Euston Road in London.

The largely office based 45 million scheme occupies a site which includes the Grade 2 listed Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital which will be retained and renovated to pull it back from its current dilapidated state into new residential accommodation that can prove a nice little earner for the union.

The main office building will be an entirely new build that fronts directly onto Euston Road. It's been designed to have a strong shape with columns and spandrels in limestone running up the and round the building. The double glazing set back from this creates a depth to the facades and adds vertical shading to the glass almost arcading each floor.

In the middle of the building is a large double height balcony whilst the top of the building has a reduced number of columns that give more precedence to the glass behind creating the appearance of a crown whilst maintaining the outer vertical lines.

Combined with the older buildings around it, Unison aim to form part of a campus surrounding a public square behind it on all four sides and pedestrian permeability from Euston Road through to Christopher Place.

In terms of location the proposal sits on a road that is already lined, particularly on its northern side with high-rise buildings making it an ideal location - nearby ones include the uninspiring Euston Novotel and Evergreen House that stand either side.

Squire and Partners hope their clean cut planned addition to the street will get the thumbs up from Camden Council and make another little step towards improving what is one of the least architecturally pleasant places in Central London.

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