Belfasts Boat Sets Sail

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Belfasts Boat Sets Sail

Post by Mr007 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:58 pm

Belfasts Boat Sets Sail

Published on 10-09-2007 by
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Construction work is under way on this new 15 floor building for Belfast called the Boat that overlooks Custom House Square on a waterfront location next to the River Lagan.

Designed by local firm Todd Architects for Strangford Estates, the 4,200 square metre building will be a mixture of offices with residential accommodation including eight penthouses on the upper floors, a restaurant and underground basement parking.

The structure features a reinforced concrete frame with a curving glass and aluminium façade that has a drop of colour added to it thanks to the coloured bay windows that puncture its sides and the framing of balconies.

Construction is already underway on the scheme with foundations and piling work being done by the main building contractor P. Elliot & Company Ltd.

Custom House Square, which the Boat overlooks, has been one of the latest urban public spaces in Belfast to be transformed with works including the restoration of Belfast's first drinking fountain, the Calder Fountain, to its historic glory and a lit public water feature that follows the route of the underwater River Farset.

The construction of the £5 million tower on the edge of the site will add further to the feeling of regeneration of a city that as little as ten years ago was still on the receiving end of regular car bombs and in total will see at least 229,000 square metres of new offices, 741 new homes, and over £1 billion pounds of investment pumped in the Laganside area alone.

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