Conran On Cooper Cromar Off Elphinstone Place

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Conran On Cooper Cromar Off Elphinstone Place

Post by Mr007 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:00 pm

Conran On Cooper Cromar Off Elphinstone Place

Published on 13-09-2007 by
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In what is a massive blow, Scottish architects Cooper Cromar have been replaced by Conran and Partners on the Elphinstone Place project in Glasgow.

Developed by the Elphinstone Group who named the scheme after themselves and since bought by City Lofts, the site had been cleared and was expected to begin construction any day but has become delayed for officially unknown reasons although rumours point to the failure of the present design to deliver enough profit for the developer.

Plans were to see the construction of a 134 metre tall tear drop shaped tower that would contain 202 residential units, over 14,000 square metres of office space, about 1,500 square metres of leisure space, and a restaurant almost at the top of the tower that would offer diners commanding views of surrounding Glasgow from the key site in Charing Cross.

What will happen now is anyone's guess but Conran specialise in overwhelmingly residential schemes aimed at the upper end of the market and have a number of successful projects under construction right now including a 101 metre tall tower in Sheffield.

These sort of problems are not exactly unusual for a tower. Many other residential proposals around the United Kingdom including the now under construction Velocity Tower in Sheffield and the recently finished Bridgewater Place in Leeds became delayed at the point of construction causing design revisions and sometimes a change in architect.

Preferring a modernist and altogether more solid look to the glass cladding of Elphinstone Place not to mention the browns of wood, copper and bronze, presumably a redesign by Conran and Partners will not only change the look to something more typical of their work but make the scheme's economics stack up better for the developer at the same time so construction can finally begin on site.

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