SW Foulkes Plan New Hotel Tower

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SW Foulkes Plan New Hotel Tower

Post by Mr007 on Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:54 am

SW Foulkes Plan New Hotel Tower

SW Foulkes have designed this planned hotel building on Great Ancoats Street in Central Manchester, now submitted to the local council for outline planning permission.

Developed by Urbanize Ltd, it will reach 49 metres over a 13 storey slab block containing 125 new hotel rooms that stands above ground floor retail.

The design is a substantial move away from the previous version by the same architects although it still retains earlier elements such as the basic shape and the original pale limestone look that will be clad over an envelope of structurally insulated panels.

Added to the scheme is a coloured glass screen fading from deep red to blue as it works its way up the building. It has designed by the architect "to cast filtered light back onto the pure white fašade and use it as a blank canvas for the light to play on as the conditions change." This glass is also replicated in a smaller scale on a shorter wing of the building.

There are a number of options open to the architects including having images projected on the glass or alternatively having it lit up at night, perhaps utilising LEDs.

Another major change to the proposals is moving away from a simple frontage of past plans to something with full height window bays that puncture the front of the building and will offer guests full height views of the changing Manchester skyline.

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