Salford Telephone Dialler Dropped

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Salford Telephone Dialler Dropped

Post by Mr007 on Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:55 am

Salford Telephone Dialler Dropped

Orbit Investments have dumped their design for a telephone ringer tower at Salford Quays called Lowry Tower 3.

The distinctive crown is now gone replaced by a conventional design thanks to concerns by the council that it failed to link up properly with other nearby buildings including Imperial Point and Sovereign Point.

Fairhurst Design Group remain the architects working on the scheme which continues to rise to 21 floors tall as with its previous incarnation and a similar height to its neighbours of 70 metres tall.

Looking something more like a Spanish holiday apartment block, the colour of the day is white with blue glass and plenty of external balconies more suited to sunnier climes than the rainy streets of Manchester. This glazing helps create vertical lines up the tower whilst the balconies create a horizontal demarcation of each floor.

It will contain 98 outward facing flats within totalling 9,563 square metres of residential space plus 31 square metres of retail space in a single ground floor unit. Inside will be a metre 10 one bedroom apartments with emphasis on larger accommodation of 86 two bedroom apartments, and 10 three bedroom apartments.

Despite conforming more closely than the previous design to the requirements by the council for the area, it remains an unremarkable scheme which is shown up by some of the pizzazz of its neighbours.

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