The Lister Mills in Bradford

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The Lister Mills in Bradford

Post by Mr007 on Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:14 am

Velvet Knots At Bradfords Lister Mills

The Lister Mills in Bradford, West Yorkshire, is one of the most famous complex of buildings from the industrial revolution, but like many of its counterparts has lain neglected for years.

Developer Urban Splash, a company with a reputation for turning large old structures into liveable environments, have taken on the site and have already seen through the first phase of redevelopment.

The second involves the Velvet Mill that will see 191 new apartments built within it in a full restoration that will retain the building's distinctive masonry facade and important interior details such as the cast iron columns and beam structures whilst dragging it kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Plans by the architect of the project, David Morley Architects, grappled with the complexities of restoring a grade 2 listed building whilst adding a new slant to it that would be acceptable to conservationists.

They have come up with a unique idea based on the fabric the mill once produced that features a two level roof-top development with 24 residential units.

Built off from a central core are two wings of shell shaped zinc units arranged in the form of threads that tumble along the roof in straight lines whilst creating a metallic wave-like roof-line.

These duplex flats will be clad not only in zinc but have the roof and walls cut from timber and floor to ceiling glazing that offers both east and west aspects. The combination of wood and metal works together to create something like an eco-pod.

In all these will add 2,392 square metres to the previous 13,927 sq metres development plus exterior space of 718 square metres - an impressive increase for what is estimated by the designers as only taking six days work to add to the restored building.

Urban Splash hope to have the scheme finished in 2008 for the first occupants to move into.

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