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Celebrity Deathmatch

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Celebrity Deathmatch is a video game based on the Celebrity Deathmatch show. The game features celebrities and movie monsters as playable characters. It was generally poorly reviewed, for example receiving a 2.8 or "terrible" rating from GameSpot.[1]

* 1 Characters
* 2 Finishing moves
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[edit] Characters

There are 27 total characters: 20 from the start and seven unlockable, regular versions of Nick and Johnny are not playable.

* Anna Nicole Smith
* Busta Rhymes
* Carmen Electra
* Carrot Top
* Cousin Grimm
* Lance Bass
* J.C. Chasez
* Joey Fatone
* Chris Kirkpatrick
* Justin Timberlake
* Dennis Rodman
* Frankenstein
* Gladiatior Nick
* Jerry Springer
* Marilyn Manson
* Miss Cleo
* Mr.T
* Mummy
* Ron Jeremy
* Shannen Doherty
* Tommy Lee
* Wizard Johnny
* Wolfman
* Zatar the alien

[edit] Finishing moves

* Mr. T.: Drops down The A-Team van.
* Tommy Lee: Plays the liver like a guitar.
* Marilyn Manson: Does a goth ritual and has a demon drag the opponent into a spiralling portal.
* Mummy: Throws his opponent in a tomb with spike door.
* Busta Rhymes: Cuts off his opponent's arms, legs, and head.
* Dennis Rodman: Rips off his opponent's head and slam dunks it.
* Gladiator Nick: Makes a tiger kill his opponent.
* Wizard Johnny: Shrinks his opponent and then steps on him/her.
* Anna Nicole Smith: Grills her opponent.
* Carrot Top: Rips out his opponent's rib cage and plays La Cucaracha.
* Jerry Springer: Calls in an alien potato (possibly Potato Khan) and he keeps hitting him, eventually killing him.
* Carmen Electra: Calls in a robot and they rip the opponent up.
* Shannen Doherty: Boils her opponent in a witch's brew.
* Ron Jeremy: Makes disco balls fall on his opponent.
* Miss Cleo: tiny grim reapers cuts off the opponent's head.
* Cindy Margolis: Uses a laser to cut the opponent up.
* Wolfman: Claws the opponent into a bunny.
* Frankenstein's Monster: Crushes the opponent's head with The Bride's head.
* Cousin Grimm: Rips out the opponent's spine and impales him/her with it. (This is also the way he killed McCrack).
* Alien (Zatar): His spaceship blows up the opponent's head.
* NSYNC: No matter which NSYNC member you play as, the one you are calls the other members and they rip off the legs, arms and head.

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