Final Fight Revenge

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Final Fight Revenge

Post by msistarted on Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:01 pm

Final Fight Revenge (ファイナルファイト リベンジ?) is a 1999 3D one-on-one fighting coin-operated arcade game developed by an American team that later produced Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and Final Fight: Streetwise, while it was published by the team's company Capcom. Despite being American-made by the North American division of Capcom, Final Fight Revenge was released exclusively in Japan for the Sega ST-V arcade hardware in July 1999, making it the only successor of the 1989 arcade hit Final Fight released in the arcades, as well as the first and only arcade spin-off. It was later ported to the Sega Saturn on March 30, 2000 also exclusively in Japan, which was the last game officially released by Capcom for the platform.[1] Although released only in Japan, the game can be displayed in English if the Sega Saturn's internal language is set to English. A Sega Dreamcast version was in development but was canceled.

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