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KwonHo: The Fist of Heroes is a Korean online fighting game developed by Radio Games (which was merged with Vertigo Games). KwonHo has now been removed from Hangame. It was in the process of being translated and serviced for North America by their American counterpart ijji (Both of them owned by NHN) before being canceled on November 14 2007. In Kwonho, the player has the role of creating his own character, choosing a fighting style and buying (or acquiring) clothing and/or items (such as tattoos, guitars, teddy bears and other miscellaneous items). A player's goal is to gain experience by fighting other players in a variety of game modes, or by fighting computer-controlled opponents in the Mission Mode. By winning these fights, a player acquires credits, which he can use to buy new techniques or items, and train to become higher ranking than other players.

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