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Poy Poy (ポイッターズ・ポイント, Poitter's Point?) is a video game for the PlayStation developed by Konami.

* 1 Gameplay
* 2 Characters
* 3 Gloves
* 4 Stages
* 5 Sequel

[edit] Gameplay

Poy Poy is a multiplayer action game in which four players battle each other using various props, such as rocks, logs and blocks of ice in one of six environments. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses in terms of strength and speed. Players can also use special gloves that use psychopower to unleash different abilities. Each character has a glove with which they have a 100% synchronisation rate (they have the most aptitude for).

In exhibition mode, players engage in three rounds of combat. Up to four players can participate at a time with use of the Multitap peripheral, otherwise computer-controlled players will fill any spaces.

Poy Poy Cup is the single-player mode in which three computer-controlled competitors try to defeat the player in each environment. Each victory gives the player prize money to be spent on upgraded equipment.

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