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Sonic the Fighters

Post by msistarted on Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:52 am

Dr. Robotnik (Doctor Eggman in the Japanese version. His North American name, Dr. Robotnik, was misspelled as "Dr. Robotonic") has built the Death Egg II, along with Metal Sonic. Tails alerts Sonic to this and they plan to fly into space via the Lunar Fox, a spaceship Tails built in an effort to stop it. However, as it is a single seater, only one of them can go and it requires the energy of eight Chaos Emeralds. The two set off in the Tornado to find them, detecting one in Knuckles's possession. Sonic demands that he hands it over, but Knuckles queries as to why Sonic should be the one to go. It's therefore decided that a tournament of sorts will be held to see who has the honor of piloting the Lunar Fox.

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