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GoldSrc, or Goldsource, is the retronym used internally by Valve Software to refer to the heavily modified Quake engine that powers their science fiction first-person shooter Half-Life (1998). GoldSrc supported four platforms:Gamecube, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, and Xbox.
GoldSrc is a modified version of the QuakeWorld engine codebase, which in turn is a development of the Quake engine codebase.[1] Some minor fixes from the Quake II engine were incorporated as it was developed.[2] GoldSrc is able to render in two APIs − OpenGL and Direct3D.
The successor of the GoldSrc engine is the Source engine, which powers games such as Half-Life 2.
Today, GoldSrc is still being used by developers. Nexon Corporation, for example, developed Counter-Strike Online by using GoldSrc.

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