Central Park SummerStage

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Central Park SummerStage

Post by msistarted on Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:59 am

In 2010, Central Park SummerStage celebrated its 25th anniversary. As part of the anniversary season, City Parks Foundation's free Concerts, Dance, and Theater initiatives were moved under the SummerStage umbrella and a major re-branding of the festival was launched. SummerStage now includes music, dance, film and theater performances in 16 parks in all five boroughs; furthering the reach of SummerStage and captivating audiences citywide. In its 25-year history, SummerStage has presented a total of 2,079 diverse artist performances at 950 events to over 3.26 million people in Central Park as well as other citywide parks.

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